Simplify Your Home Buying Experience

Buying a home can be an enormous undertaking, so be sure to retain the services of a qualified REALTORĀ®. You can trust us to always keep your interests first and foremost. As qualified professionals, we’ll guide you through the entire home buying experience and assist you in being an educated buyer.

Simplify Your Search

What features would you require in a home to satisfy your lifestyle now and in the future? Once you know what you can afford, we’ll help you explore your possibilities; from design preferences to neighborhood choices.

Moving Forward

Once you have found the home that is right for you, it’s time to present an offer. This will consist of earnest money to be held in an escrow account, a loan pre-approval letter if you will be financing the purchase, and a written purchase agreement. This agreement will set forth your terms of the purchase and a schedule of events in order to own the property. This extremely important document is a legally binding agreement and should be carefully prepared by knowledgeable REALTORSĀ® who are qualified to cover all of your interests.

Final Steps

Upon your complete satisfaction, arrangements will be made to attend a closing. The closing is usually facilitated by a title or escrow company that holds your earnest money in escrow. After furnishing the down payment and other applicable fees have been agreed upon prior to closing, final papers will be signed. The deed and mortgage will need to be recorded in the state Registry of Deeds, and you will be a homeowner.

Money Matters

– the most important part of financing is your knowledge of the options available. Consider the following questions as a basis for determining your financing needs.

  • How much mortgage can I afford?
  • What down payment is needed?
  • What is the difference between pre-qualification, pre-approval and approval?
  • What interest rates are available?
  • What is mortgage insurance and is it required?
  • What type of documentation will I need?
  • How do 15- vs. 30-year terms compare?
  • What are points and do I pay them?
  • What is difference between a fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate mortgage?
  • What closing costs will I incur?
  • What is being “locked-in”?
  • How long will the mortgage process take?
  • What is included in a mortgage payment?
  • What would the payments be?
  • When would the payments begin?

Make Your Mortgage The Right Fit!